Why is my account blocked after a MyWheels trip?

If your MyWheels account has been blocked after using a MyWheels car, it is likely related to your behavior during that ride. We understand that having your account unexpectedly blocked can be frustrating. We would like to explain the decision to you.


When you drive a MyWheels car, various factors related to the use of the car are considered, including:

  • Driving faster than the allowed speed limit
  • Hard braking
  • Taking sharp turns or corners aggressively
  • Returning the car late or not at all
  • Returning the car in a dirty condition
  • Not returning the car to the agreed-upon location

During the use of a shared car under your account, one or more of these factors were found to have above-average or even excessive values. This has led to the blocking of your account, and you will no longer be able to use MyWheels services.

We prioritize the safety of other road users, our users, and MyWheels shared cars. If you disagree with the decision or require clarification, please contact us.

Access and Disclaimer

You can request us to share the data on which this decision is based via our contact form.

We provide this data to you under the following conditions:

  • We cannot directly trace the data we have collected back to the individual persons who used a specific shared car under your account. If you can do so, it becomes personal data as defined in the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR" or privacy law), which you must handle carefully.
  • We provide the data only to give you insight into the factors that played a role in this decision. If you use this data for other purposes, it is your responsibility.
  • If we receive a complaint or claim from another account holder or driver, you indemnify us. This means that we will forward the complaint or claim to you, and you are obligated to handle that complaint or claim.
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