I’ve been notified of a violation. What now?

During or after renting a MyWheels car, you may receive notification of a violation that includes a fine. If this happens, carefully read the email you received and follow the instructions to settle your fine. Generally, there are five different types of violations/fines, each requiring a unique and different handling process. 


Traffic Violation

You may receive notification of a traffic violation. This means you did not adhere to the traffic rules in the Netherlands. These violations and fines will always be issued from the

 CJIB (Central Judicial Collection Agency). 


The codes and/or descriptions on a CJIB notification can be confusing. If you are unclear about the violation you are accused of, you can visit the (Dutch-only) public prosecutor’s website for more information.


Parking Fine (‘Naheffingsaanslag’)

If you park in a paid parking area without paying the required fee, you will receive a fine from the municipality in which you parked. These fines are known as a naheffingsaanslag, or a parking fine.


As a renter, you are responsible for properly securing the vehicle. But also, among other things, for returning the car to the designated zone or fixed location. If you return the car outside of these parameters, the resulting fines may be charged to you.


When you return an electric car, please ensure it is correctly connected to the charging station. Improper connection may lead to towing, and the towing costs will be charged to you. The amount of your fine will include the municipality’s costs for towing the vehicle, and MyWheels’ costs for retrieving it. Towing costs vary by municipality.


If you're unsure about when to charge an electric car, check this help desk article.


Towing Fine (‘Sleepboete’)

Certain municipalities in the Netherlands tow vehicles that are parked in charging spaces without being connected for charging. You are responsible for your MyWheels car during your trip and, naturally, for how and where you leave it. Ensure that when you return an electric car, it is correctly connected to the charging station.  


If the vehicle you rented is towed, you will be responsible for the costs. The amount of a towing fine includes the municipality’s costs for towing the vehicle, and MyWheels’ costs for retrieving it. 


Towing costs vary by municipality. A towing fine is always sent by a municipal institution and often has a subject similar to 'notification of relocated vehicle’ (kennisgeving overgebracht voertuig).


Wondering when to charge a car? Check this help desk article.


Foreign Country Fine 

MyWheels cars are well-suited for a trip abroad. But before you go, check the car's equipment. For example, if you’re going skiing in Austria, be sure you have snow tires.


You may receive a fine in a foreign country, similar to fines in the Netherlands, imposed by a municipality or government entity. Follow the instructions in the fine to settle it.


A foreign fine can be identified by the municipality or government agency outside the Netherlands.


Fine for Misuse

If you do not adhere to MyWheels' house rules, you may receive a fine. By accepting the general terms and conditions, you agree to handle MyWheels vehicles properly and in accordance with the rules. In the event of a violation, MyWheels may charge costs. For more information and rates, check this page.


MyWheels will impose fines for misuse, and we will always state the reason in the notification email.



If you disagree with the fine for any reason, check our objections page.

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