How do I unlock a car? 

At the start of the ride:

In the booking, click 'start ride' (big green button), the car will then open within 15 seconds.


With OV-chipcard:
Open the car by scanning the OV-chipkaart. The box where you can scan the card is in one of the bottom corners of the front windscreen.


Opening (and closing) while driving:

Do you have a car with a physical key? Then you can use that key to open and close the car.

Do you have a car without a physical key? Then you can open and close the car in the app.


Please note: if the app has trouble with opening the car, try to close and restart the app completely. This will reconnect the app with the car.

In addition, wait about 15 seconds after clicking the 'open button', after this the car often opens.

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