What should I do if I have damage during my one-way?

Accidents happen, but you are well insured when driving a car share from us. Always fill out both sides of the accident form first. If there is another party involved, do this together. Make sure to park the car in a safe place and call 112 in case of emergencies.

If you are on the road with a one-way car, it is currently not possible to report the damage via the app. These are the steps to follow:


What now?

  1. The damage report must be filled out. There should be a damage report form in the car, but you can also find it at www.mobielschademelden.nl. Please note that if another party is involved, you must always fill out and sign the damage report together before proceeding. It is considered illegal if one of the parties fails to do so, and the police may be contacted. Always fill out both sides of the damage report form first. If another party is involved, do this together.
  2. Send all the information to schade@mywheels.nl. The damage team will then proceed to resolve it and keep you informed of the next steps.
  3. Need support? Call MyWheels at 085-7734222 as soon as the situation allows, especially if you cannot continue driving. The support agent will guide you through the process.
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