Which details will I need to fill in as an employee?

Are you creating an account for the first time? Then please fill in the following:

  • Business email address (choose your own ‘strong’ password; it should not be used anywhere else)

  • First name and surname

  • Address

  • Date of birth (as shown on your driving licence)

  • Driving licence number

  • Mobile phone number (you will receive an SMS verification code)

If you already have a private MyWheels account, that’s fine. Tell the manager at your company, and they can send an invitation to your private email address. When booking a car, make sure that you use the right subscription. You can select the subscription when you select the car.

All your business bookings will be shown in the app and on mywheels.nl. The invoices are sent to your employer; your own account will only include the private trips that you made.

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