Are winter tires mandatory during winter?

During the winter period, driving a car with winter tires is mandatory in a lot of European countries. Amongst others are winter tires mandatory in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Luxembourg, and Scandinavian countries Norway, Sweden and Finland.

If you don't have winter tires, in most cases you will receive a fine, or you will be held responsible for a traffic accident. So, be prepared!

Please note: Are you going on a winter sports holiday? Then make sure you bring a car with winter tires. Turn on the 'winter tires' filter in the app. This way you can travel comfortably and safely!


Which MyWheels cars have winter tires?

Winter tires are not mandatory in The Netherlands. However, a big part of our MyWheels cars fleet does have winter tires during the winter months. You can filter the app on winter tires (see below) and then it will show you which cars are suited for your trip.


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