My driver's license verification failed, what now?

The verification of your driver's license may fail. The photo can, for example, be unclear or because you accidentally scanned the wrong document. Use the MyWheels app to upload your driver's license.

Good to know: Once you click on the button to start the verification process, you cannot book any rides until you have successfully completed the verification. Additionally, you can only go through this process within the app, not on the website.

Here are a few tips:

  • Take a photo of the correct document: your driver's license.
  • The driver's license must be valid and belong to you.
  • Driver's licenses from these countries are supported. These include all countries within the European Union, including the Netherlands.
  • Ensure a well-lit room when taking the photo.
  • Follow the app's advice while capturing your driver's license.
  • Make sure your driver's license is placed flat on the table.
  • Have a little patience.

Note: If the verification fails too many times, unfortunately, you won't be able to try again.

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