Q&A: Everything you need to know about the price adjustments in 2023

  1. What will the new prices be?
    We will be implementing a €0.25 increase in the hourly rate.

  2. Has the price adjustment influenced the deductible?
    The daily deductible will be raised to €1.

  3. When will the price adjustment take effect?
    The price adjustment will take effect on July 31, 2023.

  4. What will happen to the price of already scheduled rides?
    The price of already scheduled rides will remain the same. In short, existing bookings will retain the old rate.

  5. Why has MyWheels adjusted the rates?
    The increasing costs due to higher costs of our cars, such as fuel and insurance.

  6. Does the price adjustment affect my subscription?
    No, it does not affect your subscription. However, it does influence the final invoice amount for your ride. 

  7. Would you like to switch subscriptions?
    You can! Go to the MyWheels app > account > subscription > choose the desired subscription. Will you switch to MyWheels Pro? Then benefit from a 30% discount on your rides!

  8. Damage the car during your MyWheels trip? 
    If so, we will charge an administrative fee of €25.

  9. Where can I find an overview of the rates?
    Please take a look at our price page for the most up-to-date information.


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