Who pays for the fuel?

The rate per kilometer includes fuel. Each car has its own fuel card or charging key for paying for fuel. The fuel card or charging key can be found in the glove compartment, and the PIN code is in the MyWheels app and your reservation email. No PIN code is needed for the charging key.

On your invoice you can always find out how many kilometers you have driven.

Please note: Are you going on a winter sports holiday? Then make sure you bring a car with winter tires. Turn on the 'winter tires' filter in the app. This way you can travel comfortably and safely!


Attention points - fuel:

  • Return the car with the tank at least one-quarter full.

  • The fuel pass does not often work abroad. If you have been abroad, take pictures of the reciepts and contact us via the contact form in order to reclaim the costs.

Attention points - electric:

  • If the battery of an electric car with its own zone space is lower than 80% at the end of your trip, connect the car to a charging point in the zone; the locations of the charging points are shown in the MyWheels app. If the battery is at 80% or higher, park the car in a parking space in the zone that is not next to a charging point. Electric cars with their own parking space should always be connected to the charging point.
  • Always connect an electric car to a charging point if you park it in a space with a charging point. Any car not connected will be towed away, the costs of which will be borne by you.

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