How much does it cost to rent a car?

We have cars in three price categories: a small city car, a mid-range car (both electric and fuel), or a spacious/luxury car (special).

Prices per category (excluding subscription):
• Small: €3,50 an hour and €0,32 per km.
• Mid-range: €3,75 an hour and €0,35 per km.
• Special:  €4,24 an hour and €0,38 per km. 

Each car type has its own hourly rates and rates per kilometer.

Good to know:
• Per day (24 hours), you pay ten times the hourly rate
• The rate per kilometer includes fuel/charging

👉 View the rates per car type

💡Tip: use the price calculator in de app! Then you can calculate the exact amount of your trip.


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