What are the extra costs payable in cases of misuse, misconduct, or damage?

Together, we make sure that all MyWheels cars are clean and without damage. πŸ’ͺ That is why we ask you to handle the car with care during your trip. If we receive a report on misuse, misconduct or damage, we will charge you with extra costs.

Below, you will find a list of extra costs per event. We will charge an additional €12.50 in handling the costs. 

Please note: we will charge any traffic and parking fines directly to you.


Extra costs


Leaving car without fuel


Not connecting electric car to charging point (correctly)


Not closing the windows after a trip**


Leaving car unlocked at the end of a trip


Losing fuel pass/charging key


Leaving car dirty


Leaving visible signs of transporting pets (hairs, dirt, etc.)


Returning car late


Smoking in a car


Causing a flat starting battery*


Leaving car on the wrong location


Fraud with a fuel pass (+ report to the police)


Losing charging cable


Losing car key


Wrongful parking and being towed away


Allowing a person to drive who hasn't been added as an extra driver**






* You will also be charged for any additional costs incurred as a result of having to pick up the car, or for hours that the car cannot be used.


** You will be charged the full price of any damage.


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