What to do if the car won't start?

Having trouble starting your car? We are going to help you!


If the car does not start, try the following:

General solutions:

  • Have you fully depressed the clutch (if applicable), along with the brake pedal?
  • Is the steering wheel still in steering lock? Get this off by pulling hard on the steering wheel while turning the key in the ignition.
  • Is the car in P (park)? If not, do this
  • Is the handbrake on the car? If no, do this

MyWheels app solutions:

  • Close and open the car again using the app (works almost always!): Get out of the car, close the car and then open it via the app. Then try to start the car again.
  • Did you accidentally close the car again with an OV-chip card? Then hold it in front of the card reader again.

Still no luck? Call us, number is in the app with your current ride.

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