Monthly Bundle?

1. What is the Monthly Bundle?

The MyWheels Monthly Bundle offers 400 kilometers and 40 hours of driving time for a fixed price of €200. This includes fuel and charging costs, maintenance, insurance, and parking at a designated spot. This plan provides up to a 40% discount per month.

Note: The Monthly Bundle is only available for users with a Pro subscription.


2. How to Use the Monthly Bundle

To use your Monthly Bundle, select it when booking a trip in the MyWheels app. Each time you use the bundle, note 'monthly bundle' in your trip notes. If you stop using the bundle in July, you will revert to your Start, Plus, or Pro subscription for subsequent trips.

The Monthly Bundle is exclusively for Pro subscription users, which costs €25 per month. You don't need to subscribe yourself; we will activate it for you.


3. Terms and Conditions

  • The 40% discount is based on full usage of the bundle and selecting cars in the 'Extra' rate class (€4.50 per hour) for the Monthly Bundle 400.
  • Monthly Bundles are only available to members with a Pro subscription.
  • You can drive up to ten hours per day.
  • The €1.50 start fee per trip is waived.
  • Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y, and Hyundai Ioniq 5 are excluded from the bundle.
  • The bundle is billed at the beginning of each month.
  • Extra kilometers and hours are charged at a fixed rate: €0.30 per kilometer and €2.99 per hour, which includes a 25% MyWheels Pro discount. For the Monthly Bundle Premium, the rates are €0.36 per kilometer and €3.17 per hour.
  • Monthly Bundles cannot be combined with other discounts.
  • You can link up to two additional people to your account to share the bundle. Add their email addresses in the comments section of the application form.
  • If your driving needs vary monthly, you can easily modify or cancel the bundle via our contact form.
  • If not canceled, the Monthly Bundle renews automatically.


4. Pro Subscription Requirement

Yes, a MyWheels Pro subscription is required to use the Monthly Bundle.


5. Canceling the Monthly Bundle

You can cancel your Monthly Bundle each month via our contact form.


6. Automatic Renewal of the Monthly Bundle

Your Monthly Bundle renews automatically each month. To cancel, do so before the month's end via our contact form. To cancel your Pro subscription, go to 'account' and 'subscription' in the app and change to 'Start.'


7. Pro Subscription Continuation After Canceling the Monthly Bundle

Yes, your Pro subscription remains active. To cancel, go to 'account' and 'subscription' in the app and change to 'Start.' If you encounter issues, contact us via the contact form.


8. Incorrect Bundle Booking

If you mistakenly did not book your trip using the Monthly Bundle, cancel and rebook the trip correctly.


9. Trips Outside the Monthly Bundle

Yes, you can make trips outside the Monthly Bundle. Choose your subscription or bundle when reserving a trip.


10. Carrying Over Unused Kilometers and Hours

Unused kilometers and hours cannot be carried over to the next month. Make sure to utilize your bundle within the valid month.


11. Tracking Bundle Usage

Check your trips in the MyWheels app to see your usage. For precise tracking of hours and kilometers used, we recommend keeping your own record.


12. Additional Costs

In addition to the Monthly Bundle cost, you will incur the usual costs for a Pro or Plus subscription. Exceeding the bundle’s 400 kilometers or 40 hours will result in additional charges at the Pro subscription’s standard rates.


13. Combining Discounts

The Monthly Bundle cannot be combined with other discounts or promotional offers. You must choose between using Trips or the Monthly Bundle before your trip.


14. Key Figures Discount Compatibility

The Key Figures discount cannot be applied to trips made under the Monthly Bundle.

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