What are your tasks as a Key Figure?

Keeping an Eye

  • You simply keep an eye on things. Is there something wrong with your car(s)? Then we can count on you. For example, you let us know if the car is parked in a tow-away zone or if you notice that the car needs a wash.

Small Assistance Actions

  • If something is wrong with a car, we can quickly coordinate with Key Figures. For instance, we may ask you to move vehicles back to their proper places or check if items like an ice scraper or warning triangle are still in the car. To do this, you use the MyWheels Key Figures contract to open the cars.

Connecting, Disconnecting, or Moving

  • Sometimes charging stations are broken, a driver fails to properly connect the car, or a car has been at the charging station for too long. In such cases, we text you to connect, disconnect, or move the car. To do this, you use the MyWheels Key Figures contract to open the cars.


Ambassador of MyWheels

As a MyWheels Key Figure, you are an ambassador of the MyWheels community. We uphold three core values:


Local & Trusted:

As a Key Figure, you contribute to the local, trusted feel that makes our community so special. Thanks to your efforts, we are getting closer to our shared goal: fewer cars on the streets and more space for greenery. Together, we make a significant contribution to the environment and inspire more and more people to switch from car ownership to car usage. This positive change is something we are incredibly proud of, thanks in part to you!


Inspire Enthusiasm:

As a Key Figure, you are a true MyWheels ambassador. You know how to excite people about the benefits of car sharing with MyWheels and put your best foot forward to get others involved. Sharing is not only more fun but also better! :)


Building Together with MyWheels:

As a Key Figure, you are invited to contribute to developments at MyWheels. We believe it is important to actively involve you in improving our services and products. After all, who better to do this than our very own Key Figure?!

Together with MyWheels, you can:

  • Test new features;
  • Provide feedback;
  • Exchange ideas;
  • Contribute to certain concepts;
  • Participate in decision-making for new ideas;
  • And much more!
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