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In this article you will find all information about the transition for all business clients and users from Amber to MyWheels. In the first part you will find general questions that are relevant to all users and admins. In the second part you will find specific information for admins.


  1. Why are customers being transferred from Amber to MyWheels?
    • In order to continue to serve customers and users well in the future, we have chosen to further develop the MyWheels platform and to gradually phase out the Amber platform. This means that from 2024 we can provide as many users as possible with sustainable and flexible mobility with one app and one proposition.


  1. Which customers will be migrated from Amber to MyWheels?
    • All active company accounts will be transferred from Amber to MyWheels, except companies which are already registered at MyWheels. In that case, it is not necessary to switch and you can continue to use MyWheels as you are used to. We also do not migrate clients who have ever registered with Amber but haven’t made any trips.


  1. What changes in service at MyWheels compared to Amber?
    • At Amber you were used to make a reservation from a desired location and before departure the most suitable car was assigned to your reservation. At MyWheels, all cars and their availability can be seen on the map in the app. If you want to reserve a car, choose a car that is available at your desired time. The cars have a fixed parking space or zone. These cars must therefore always be returned to the same place or in the same zone. The most important change is that at MyWheels you have to choose a specific available car and that the car must be returned to the same place where it was picked up.


  1. Where are the MyWheels cars located?
    • You can find the locations and availability of cars in the MyWheels app or on the website.


  1. When will Amber stop?
    • All Amber's services are discontinued after February 1st.


  1. What happens to reservations already scheduled in the Amber app?
    • Reservations already planned in the Amber app up until Januari 30th, 2024 can still be made. After migrating your organization, it is no longer possible to schedule new reservations. Do you need a car? Create the new reservation in the MyWheels app.


  1. How quickly can MyWheels be used after the switch?
    • As soon as the company and user accounts are ready at MyWheels, users will receive an email to create a new password. With this password, users can log in to the MyWheels app and reserve a car immediately. Users do not have to go through the entire registration process again.


  1. How much does MyWheels cost?
    • With MyWheels you only pay for what you use. MyWheels rates are listed on the MyWheels website.


  1. Is transferring Amber to MyWheels free?
    • Yes, transferring Amber to MyWheels is completely free.


  1. I cannot find the cars and hubs from the Amber app in the MyWheels app. Is that right?
    • That could be right. All cars from the Amber app will have a new place in the MyWheels app. Old Amber locations may therefore no longer be available in the MyWheels app. An up-to-date overview of the locations of all cars can be found in the MyWheels app or on the website.


  1. I already have a private account with MyWheels and will soon receive a business account due to the migration. How does that work?
    • If you have a private account at MyWheels with your business email address, your new business account will be added to your private account. If you have a private account at MyWheels with your private email address, a new (business) account will be created for you. In both cases you will soon be able to drive for both business and private purposes with one account.


  1. Why doesn't MyWheels support one-way trips?
    • In the summer of 2023, we tested one-way trips in the MyWheels app for several months. Unfortunately, this was used much less than expected. As a result, we had to choose to put our one-way plans on hold for the time being.


  1. Where should I go if I have questions?
    • For questions about the migration, the Amber app and Amber services, please contact Amber's trusted support department via support@driveamber.com. For questions about the MyWheels services, you can take a look at our helpcenter, or contact MyWheels support via our contact form.


  1. I still have credit on my Amber wallet for private trips. What happens with that?
    • Any credit on your Amber wallet will be automatically refunded after the migration. You cannot transfer this credit to MyWheels.



  1. As an administrator, what will be arranged for me to switch from Amber to MyWheels?
    • We want to support admins as much as possible during the migration from Amber to MyWheels. This means that we transfer both the company account and all registered employees. Please note: we cannot transfer employees who are not active (anymore) or have not yet completed the registration. These employees can be re-invited by the admin via the admin environment.

  2. I am now an admin at Amber, will I automatically become an admin at MyWheels again?
    • Yes, we will transfer the admin accounts at Amber to MyWheels. However, at MyWheels only one person can be an admin. Please contact zakelijk@mywheels.nl if we need to adjust the admin roles.

  3. How does invoicing work at MyWheels?
    • At MyWheels you can pay by invoice or by direct debit. By default, all Amber customers are transferred to paying by invoice as they are used to at Amber. After the migration, administrators can also set up payment via direct debit via the admin environment. With regard to invoice data, the same data is used as was known to Amber. This data can be adjusted by administrators in the online management environment.

  4. How do my employees know that they need to switch to MyWheels? And how do they get a MyWheels account?
    • Employees receive an email with all important information 2 weeks before their account is ready. From the moment the account is ready for them, they will receive an email to set a new password for MyWheels. With this password they can then log in to the MyWheels app and make business trips.

  5. As an admin, how can I register and delete new employees?
    • At Amber, employees could register via the app with their work email address. With MyWheels, new users must be invited by the admin via the admin environment. As an admin, you can manage all employees and invitations via the online management environment.

  6. I don't want my company to be transferred. Can I refuse to be transferred to MyWheels?
    • Yes, that's possible. The email sent to all admins announcing the transition includes a link to a form where you can indicate that we should not transfer your company to MyWheels.

  7. What happens to our data at Amber if we (not) switch to MyWheels?
    • After transition from Amber to MyWheels, all accounts will be deactivated and deleted. Personal data is not kept longer than the statutory retention period. More information about this can be found in Amber's privacy policy.

  8. I am registered as an admin, but I want to register someone else as an admin. How can I do that?
    • This is currently not possible via the admin environment. If you want to register another admin for the management environment, you can email this request to zakelijk@mywheels.nl.
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