When will the one-way feature be available in the MyWheels app?

This summer we proudly announced our new service: one-way trips with MyWheels! With great sadness, we now tell you that we are pausing 'one way travel' for the time being. We would like to explain to you why we have to make this choice.

In the start-up phase of this new service, the number of 'one-way journeys' was somewhat less than expected. Only 1 in 30 car sharers opted for a one-way trip in recent months. Therefore, we decided to put the feature on hold. 

Why pause?

Dozens of MyWheelers work every day to retrieve or move 'one-way cars'. You can imagine that this costs a lot. And that's why we're pausing it now and thinking about a more efficient model that also attracts more users. Until then, we do not think it is fair to ultimately pass on the high costs of that one ride to 29 others who do not use this service.

Cursing and crying

The choice to put the feature on hold  for the time being isn’t a nice one to make. We worked on it together with our beta testers and all the programmers for almost a year. So yes, there have been tears and swearing. Because we had built something great.

Our hope

That's why we agreed with each other: we won't throw it away! Because fortunately our car sharing movement is growing quickly. And hopefully we can afford it again soon. Once that happens, you'll be the first to know. For the time being, we will use renewed energy to make the app with return journeys even better!

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