FAQ: Partnership Amber x MyWheels

You may have already seen it: Amber has joined forces with MyWheels. From October we will also merge our platforms step by step. Below you will find a number of frequently asked questions to inform you about the upcoming transition from Amber to MyWheels.


Do you have any questions after reading this page? Please contact MyWheels support.


  1. Why are users being transferred from Amber to MyWheels?
    • In order to continue to serve customers and users well in the future, we have chosen to further develop the MyWheels platform and to gradually phase out the Amber platform. As a result, we will soon have one app and one proposition with which we can provide as many users as possible with sustainable and flexible mobility. The first steps have already been taken. The next step is to transfer the users. We will start this with all consumers. Business users will follow later.


  1. What will change in the service?
    • At Amber you were used to making a reservation from a desired location and the most suitable car was assigned to your reservation. At MyWheels, all cars and their availability can be seen on the map. If you want to reserve a car, choose a car that is available at your desired time. The cars have a fixed parking space or zone. These cars must therefore always be returned to the same place or in the same zone.


  1. Which users can have their account transferred?
    • All users who are registered as consumer and have an active Amber account can have their account transferred. We cannot transfer users who do not yet have an active or complete account. These users can create a MyWheels account themselves via the MyWheels app. They can no longer complete their registration in the Amber app. We are also not transferring the group of Amber users who already have a MyWheels account. This group can continue to use our services with their MyWheels account. At the beginning of October, all users who are consumers at Amber will receive an email with information about the situation that applies to them.


  1. How do I transfer my account?
    • The users who are eligible to transfer their account will receive an email about this on October 17. This email contains a button with which you give us permission to transfer your account. You will then receive a request by email to choose a password. You can then log in to the MyWheels app with this password and your email address. You can then immediately use the MyWheels app. You do not have to fill in your details again or have your driving license validated. Didn't you get an email? Please also check your spam box. If you have been blocked from Amber or MyWheels in the past, you will not receive an email from us. In that case you cannot transfer your account.


  1. What happens to my Amber account after October 31?
    • After October 31, you can no longer make a reservation in the Amber app. You still have access to http://my.driveamber.com until January 1. Your Amber account will then be permanently deleted and you will no longer have access to historical trip data. After the legal retention period has expired, all your personal data will also be deleted.


  1. What happens to the credit that is still on my wallet?
    • You can take the credit that is still on your Amber wallet to MyWheels. Good news! We are increasing this credit by 25%! After the migration, you will receive an email in which you can indicate whether you want to take advantage of the offer or whether you want to have your credit paid out.


  1. Until when can I have my account transferred?
    • You have until January 1, 2024 to transfer your account via the button in the email. The link will then expire and you will have to create a new account at MyWheels.


  1. What happens to trips I have already planned?
    • Until October 31, you can continue to use Amber as you are used to. All rides from November 1 will be cancelled. Do you still need a car after October 31? Then make a new reservation in the MyWheels app.


  1. I (also) have a business account with Amber. Can I also transfer this account?
    • No, this is not possible yet. Transferring the business accounts will follow later. All customers and users will receive notice of this in a timely manner. As a business user, would you still like to use MyWheels? Then have your organization register for MyWheels Business.


  1. How does MyWheels work?


  1. Where should I return a MyWheels car?
    • A station-based or zone car must always be returned to the same place or zone. Take a look at the MyWheels app for the exact locations of the cars and zones.


  1. How much does MyWheels cost?


  1. Which payment methods are supported at MyWheels?

At MyWheels you can pay in advance or afterwards by: iDEAL and direct debit. By default, your account is set to pay in advance. If you want to pay afterwards, we ask you for a deposit of €250. The costs of your trip are then charged weekly. In addition, we are working hard to make it possible for you to be able to pay by credit card at MyWheels soon.

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